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Gensokyo Radio Logo Mug


Say good morning to the Gensokyo Radio Mug, a versatile beverage-holding object which can help wake you up at work, warm you up in the cold months of winter, and cool you down in the hot summer. No matter when you use it, you'll feel a renewed sense of vigor to tackle the day ahead.

This 11 oz (325 ml) mug is made of a smooth molded ceramic composite and is a classic new addition to the Gensokyo Radio store. It features the Gensokyo Radio logo designed by Portuguese artist Rosana Margarida on the front and back side of the mug, so you and someone sitting across from you will see the same thing.

Strike up a conversation, or add a subtle touch of Touhou to your otherwise boring environment with a new Gensokyo Radio mug today!

- 11oz (325ml) traditional ceramic mug
- Glossy black exterior with a matching color interior
- Easy comfort grip C-shaped handle