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We've been tracking numbers for the website and station for the past few years, amassing a sizable library of knowledge and history behind listener trends, station popularity, and global diversity. We can tell you that listeners from more than 180 countries have connected to our station since 2012.

Our stats summary for 2014 is now available! We've created another chart outlining the top 50 countries and cities of 2014. We've also created a couple graphs which detail general listener trends throughout the year, including the number of listeners as well as the peak times of the day for the station.

Top 50 Countries/Cities of 2014Listener Trends of 2014

Stats by Country

Top Countries This Week
#1 United States67.043 Days
#2 Japan47.310 Days
#3 United Kingdom26.434 Days
#4 Germany17.587 Days
#5 Russian Federation12.031 Days
#6 Canada11.016 Days
#7 Taiwan, Province of China6.841 Days
#8 France5.877 Days
#9 Australia5.841 Days
#10 Indonesia4.724 Days