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Sakuya & Yukari T-Shirt Preorders Now Available


Written by LunarSpotlight
Tuesday, 02-Jul-24 19:50:33 UTC

This week, we began work on a helper project during our dev streams, updated listener logging, updated an existing merch item, and opened up preorders for a couple new shirts. For more details, read on!

Our next two T-shirts have been announced and the preorder sale is now active! You can find Sakuya and Yukari on blue and purple shirts respectively, with artwork done by GR’s own NanoSatellite. Preorders are open until July 15th.

As with previous preorders, we must hit a minimum number of sales for the preorder to be successful, so please tell folks that you know about this preorder. The minimum threshold is higher than it has been in previous years due to cost increases, so it’s especially important that we meet our minimums with this sale. We’ve thrown in a coupon for 33% off all CDs for folks who preorder at least one shirt. Thank you for your support!

In other news, we’ve updated an internal system we use for logging active listeners. This system is responsible for allowing listener ratings and influencing real-time song selection. We’ve seen a reduction in low-duration connections being logged which translates into a reduction in server load, so this has been a positive change for the web server thus far.

During our dev streams last week, we began working from the very beginning on an event calendar project. The goal of this project isn’t just to give us a place to post our events; it will also be a place for the community to post events, thus helping fans everywhere determine what is happening, where, and when. We hope to bring the community closer together through this work, so stay tuned for more updates later!

Finally, our Cardinal Reimu T-shirt has been updated from the interim “Red & White” shirt where the base color was a brighter red color due to color availability. The shirt now mimics the original color combination and is on sale now.

That’s all for this week, thanks to folks who tuned in to the dev stream marathon which wraps up today, and thanks for listening!

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