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Reitaisai Watch, New Postcards, & Server Upgrade


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 08-May-22 21:27:30 UTC

This week, we went on watch during our recent #ReitaisaiWatch series on Twitter during the lead-up to Sunday’s Reitaisai 19 event at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan! As we’ve done during previous Reitaisai and Comiket events, we highlighted announcements made by some of our favorite circles, recent discoveries, and familiar names.

Our goal with this is to inform western and non-Japanese speaking audiences about new album releases and where one could find these works being sold during the event (for those lucky enough to be on-location). For the rest of us, these posts help highlight works which may end up in stores across Japan after the event’s conclusion. As usual, we encourage listeners to support the artists they enjoy by purchasing their albums either at events in-person, via proxy, or at the shops afterwards. We’ll be doing the same!

We also announced our latest postcard design in collaboration with @ThatPebble on Twitter! After a two-year hiatus brought on by a certain global event, we’re continuing a tradition that started in 2012 where we print and distribute postcards to music fans all around the world via multiple events and conventions. This process has involved our team as well as many volunteer promoters in distributing postcards which promote our station as well as the artist. We’re excited to have these back for 2022-23, find out what events these will be at by following us here and our regular social media channels. If you plan on attending an event and want to help promote, let us know by contacting our staff team (information can be found on our website).

Trailing from last week, we upgraded one of our servers this week in response to some intermittent performance issues that have been reported by users. This upgrade will improve mail delivery, registration, and a couple internal services. On a related note, forum users may have noticed intermittent delivery of newsletters / weekly knowledge posts (like the one you’re reading now). This upgrade should make delivery consistent once again.

We’ll be looking at implementing some additional updates and upgrades over the coming weeks. As always, thanks for listening!

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