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Reimu, Miko, and a New Hoodie design


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 27-Mar-22 19:47:03 UTC

This week, we received our most recent batch of samples in an ongoing effort to make some of our most popular shirt designs available once again. Currently, the aim is to bring the Reimu and Miko shirts back. After evaluating the samples, we will likely be getting more Digital Miko T-shirts back in stock within the next week.

The Cardinal Reimu shirt, on the other hand, is something that we will likely make into a new SKU due to the color difference compared to the original. To reflect the color change, it’s likely that this shirt will become a “Red Reimu” shirt to reflect the more reddish hue of the shirt. This change is due to our provider not carrying the original “Cardinal” color shirts, with the textile provider not having a more comparable color. There is a separate type of shirt that gets closer to the original color, but we’ve decided not to use it due to the shirt having a different cut and a less soft feel to the touch (from the first batch of samples we received a couple months back).

Perhaps more exciting is the third sample we reviewed: our first Gensokyo Radio hoodie! Long have we been looking for a way to bring lower volume items to our store, and this will likely be the first item that makes it all the way from concept to our store page using our new provider. The design itself is fairly simple: our logo is placed on the upper left on the front, and 幻想郷ラジオ (Gensokyo Radio) is written vertically on the right sleeve. The hoodie itself is a heather gray American Apparel zip-up hoodie with matching white drawstrings and a very soft fleece interior.

That said, we may need to swap for a different hoodie provider at some point due to limited sizes and stock of the American Apparel hoodies. We would need to run another round of samples to compare. We may opt to make these available as-is with limited size availability until next month when we can get more samples in.

If you missed out last weekend, our latest episode of Gensokyo Radio Live (#114) with YaboiMatoi is now available on podcast platforms for your listening convenience. As a reminder to folks who are newer to the station, we hold multiple events every month that you can join with these Live shows being one of them. Be sure to check back on Discord for scheduled events as well as other places such as Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, more music is pending to hit the station’s rotation from the circles we mentioned last week, so stay tuned for more new music, and thanks for listening!

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