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Live #114 & Store Items Back in Stock


Written by LunarSpotlight
Sunday, 20-Mar-22 19:30:46 UTC

This week, we had YaboiMatoi join us during Live #114! It was fun having a guest on during one of our shows again after a year of focusing more on internal improvements and changes. If you missed the broadcast, it’ll become available as a podcast about a week afterwards, or within the next 24 hours for Patreon supporters (via Three by Seven).

We integrated a new system which enables us to backfill inventory in real-time. …er, in normal terms, this means that some things are now back in stock in our store! The Forest Youmu, Magic Marisa, and Chill Cirno shirts are back in stock along with our Torii shirts which previously had a couple sizes out of stock. We’re currently awaiting samples of our Cardinal Reimu and Digital Miko shirts, so if all goes well there, we should have those back in stock in April.

We’re also sampling a brand new store item: a Gensokyo Radio hoodie! Yes, spring is here, but who doesn’t like a good hoodie during those cool mornings and evenings? Besides, if they work out, they’ll still be around in the fall. The design we’re testing is a much simpler version of what we were working on a year or two ago and forgoes some of the fancier, more expensive features we were trying to include, but it does include a new type of print we’ve never tried before. It would also be considerably less expensive as a result. That’s all we’ll say for now, look forward to it!

Aside from store stuff, we also added new music this week from the following new and existing circles:

  • Alice Magic
  • The Brightness of Twilight
  • セレスチャル稲刈り機 (Celestial Rice Harvester)
  • Genso Storage
  • Ichibancha
  • かなでの部屋 (Kanade’s Room)
  • Mahotoa
  • Melted Yin & Yang
  • MiragEden

Finally, our latest Meetup event will be published early this week, so if you missed it last weekend, we’ll have that up in podcast form in the not too distant future.

That’s all for now, thanks for tuning in this week, and thanks for listening!

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