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The 1st Redditaisai Draws Near
LunarSpotlight  2016/06/21

Hello all~

For the past 7 months, folks have been getting ready for an online event over at the Touhou sub-reddit, with the mashed up yet appropriate title of "Reddit-taisai".

The online event, planned for Saturday, July 16th, is inspired by the market-like events Comiket and Reitaisai in Japan, and aims to bring fans and content creators in the west together for a day. Unlike Japan, the west faces the issue where fans are scattered everywhere, and setting up a central (physical) environment to satisfy everyone is impossible.

To solve this, some folks from the Touhou sub-reddit group posted the idea and set the date, and fans all over the world have been busy working on their own projects, artwork, music albums, fan games, and more which will all be available during the event.

During Redditaisai, Gensokyo Radio will also be taking part by broadcasting live throughout the day, talking with folks during the event, and maybe even making some new things available in the store (logistics pending, I'll explain why this is in a future post).

Until then, be sure to mark your calendars for July 16th. We'll be on our partnered Discord server as usual (join via the sidebar), and I hope to see you there!