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Gensokyo Radio Studio Moving to Minneapolis
LunarSpotlight  2014/10/23

Greetings, listeners.

I'd like to inform everyone of a change which will be occurring before the end of October. As you may have heard during Live #25, the studio will be changing locations in November. As we prepare for this move, a few things will occur.

First, most of the services provided on the website will be temporarily suspended. This means the website will not have services such as live info, history, login, registration, recovery, recommendations, or ratings available. Statistics logging will also be temporarily suspended during the move.

Station services will be unaffected by this move as our station server is hosted in California. Rest assured that our radio station will remain accessible via all currently available channels.

During the month of November, we will be working to get services back up, starting with statistics and tracking services, and moving back towards restoring live info and account services. Many of these services will be migrated in preparation for the release of GR6, which is why it will take additional time to complete this process.

When we arrive on the other side, we'll be gearing up to bring you a shiny new website. We're almost there.

Thanks for listening! ~