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June 2014 Statistics & Other Stuff
LunarSpotlight  2014/06/18

Greetings, listeners!

Things have been going well for the past while for us on the staff team. DMJ654 was able to make a full recovery from his granola-induced stasis, Sean overcame his fear of Stage 5, and Nano got a llama. Well, I'm not sure about the bit with Sean, but I hear his counseling has been going well so far.

While doing some more work on the upcoming GR6 update, I ran across some numbers, and that got me thinking about where we're at these days in terms of statistics. In earlier times, I used to run a monthly statistics article which gave a sort of snapshot of how the station has been doing by the numbers. Now that I've taken another look at the numbers, I've come to realize that we've hit some pretty massive milestones.

Since logging started in January 2012...
  • Our listener average has remained above 50 listeners over the past two months.
  • More than 3 million connections have been made to the station servers.
  • More than 2.4 billion seconds of music (77 years) of music has been streamed to listeners worldwide.
  • Over 180 countries have connected to the station. During our presentation at Anime Boston, we put the number at 140, but that number was from last year.

  • 180 is also the number of the "Digital Miko" T-shirts that will be in existence, and they're back in the shop for the last time, and once they're gone, that design won't be printed again. The support we've received from our listeners since last Autumn has been phenomenal, and we can't thank you enough.

    As far as progress goes on the site update, it's.... going. The good news is that I'm changing my work schedule to focus more on my studies in web development, and you can bet that also means I'll be spending more time on developing for Gensokyo Radio. I do have some other projects I'm working on as well, but GR will be a priority in the coming months. There's no release date set for GR6 yet.

    Stay tuned for upcoming news about the next Gensokyo Radio Live, our upcoming staff visit at Anime Expo 2014, and maybe even a new kind of live show coming next month!

    Thanks for listening! ~