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Live #18: Celebrating Three Years
LunarSpotlight  2014/03/08

On March 14th, 2014, celebrate three years of streaming Touhou music 24/7 at Gensokyo Radio during our next live broadcast!

Gensokyo Radio was created March 16th, 2011 by Auritribe who still remains part of our staff of five. Nearly 10 months after its creation, LunarSpotlight joined as a technical admin, then NanoSatellite and Sean "Sonicmega" Chiplock joined a short time after. DMJ654 is our newest staff member, joining within the past couple months.

During our next Live show, join us in hearing each staff member's personal "Top 10" list of Touhou-related songs. We'll be previewing the songs ranked #10 through #4 before playing the top 3 in each staff member's list. If we have time remaining after we've run through the lists, we'll be playing listener requests via our IRC (irc.rizon.net, #GensokyoRadio) and Steam channels.

Hear it all played from our brand new studio at GensokyoRadio.net!

Thanks for listening! ~