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Live #15 & the Future of ShoutCast
LunarSpotlight  2013/11/24

The next Gensokyo Radio Live show, Live #15, will be playing on Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 4pm PST / 7pm EST / Midnight UTC (Saturday, December 7th). This will be the last live show for the year 2013, so come one down and chat with fellow listeners, learn more about what we have planned for 2014, and of course, listen to some great music!

Just to update everyone with the shirt pre-order, we've submit the final proof to the shirt company, and they'll have our order ready to go next week. We're scheduled to receive the shirts within the first few days of December, so our goal is to have them packaged and shipped out by the 6th, same day as the live show.

We also sent out emails to everyone who pre-ordered a shirt explaining the design change we had to make for the shirt company to be able to print our design. More details are on the shop page.

In other news, AOL made an announcement that Winamp will be shutting down next month, on December 20th, 2013. There are some rumors that another company such as Microsoft might buy it from them to keep it around (or possibly to change it forever, who knows really), but that's just speculation at this point. If Winamp does go completely dark, their website and all of their related web services would go down. This also includes ShoutCast, the system that Gensokyo Radio uses to stream for the station.

What the exact consequences of this potential eventuality are are presently unclear. If ShoutCast goes down, the best case scenario is that their services are no longer present, and when our server goes to list on their public station listings, known as "yellow pages" or YP, it ignores any communications errors it gets, along with ignoring potential errors from the mp3 license or server hash connections that the server makes as well, and the station keeps going like nothing happened. Worst case scenario is that everything breaks, ShoutCast becomes unusable, and we need to find a different solution.

No matter what happens with ShoutCast, we will continue to stream the sounds to our listeners, even if that means changing the services we use to do so. We just want everyone to be aware that, should things break on or after December 20th, it may take some time to put things back together. We'll continue to monitor things and discuss our options as news happens.

Don't forget, Live #15 on Friday, December 6th/7th! Thanks for listening! ~