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Tracon 8 & Friday Stream Marathon
LunarSpotlight  2013/09/10

It's convention time again!

2 weeks before one of the biggest conventions for the Touhou community happens, we're across the pond once again in Finland where Tracon 8 will be held. Tracon is estimated to have around 5,000 attendees which is similar to a lot of conventions held in the states. The people helping us out this time have the unique distinction of being the first promoters to be wearing an official T-shirt design they helped put together for us.

After Tracon, we may figure out how to make these available to the general listener population. Or, we may just keep it to ourselves and make it an exclusive thing available only to those who help promote, at least until this year's convention season is nearer to its end. In any case, one distinction between the two will be that those who have helped promote will have a volunteer title on the back of their shirt.

Now for something different...

As you may remember from earlier this year, we printed a whopping 1,000 handouts for promotion this year. Most of the cost is covered by generous staff donations so that no one else has to pay for them. Shipping these handouts to people across the country and the world, however, is paid for mostly by site donations. It's pretty much the only other thing that donations cover other than the regular bill for the station server (for the record, our new audio mixer was payed for 100% by me).

This Friday, I'll be trying something new with regards to trying to get Gensokyo Radio's funds back up to speed. Those of you who stuck around after the last Live show to watch the Kerbal Space Program stream are already familiar with where I'll be streaming, but for the rest of you, I have a Twitch channel where I'll be running a marathon of the one game I thought of being most relevant to the station: Osu!

Osu is a music rhythm game where music is played, and the goal is to hit notes and sliders on time and in succession to improve one's score. Admittedly, it's not the most entertaining thing to watch, but hopefully I can make it interesting enough by inviting others to join me in a multiplayer setting where I'll be playing with up to 7 other people during the stream. The other great thing about Osu is that a lot of the songs available are Touhou songs, so there may be some music played in the stream which could be available on the station soon.

Ultimately, we're hoping that the stream might be entertaining enough to encourage viewers to toss a bit of dosh our way. This will help ensure that the station is paid for through the end of this year, and maybe through next year as well. We'll see what happens.

The stream will start at [revised times] 12pm PDT / 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT / 7pm UTC on Friday, September 13th, 2013, and will go for at least 3 hours. Here's to trying something new!

Thanks for listening!