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Promotion, Guests, Artwork, & Ownership
LunarSpotlight  2013/09/01

Oh my~

This weekend, we've got a special presence at one of the panels at Saboten Con in Phoenix, AZ. One of the former officers at the Touhou Fight Night Network that I've worked with before who's gone by such handles as "Crazy" and "Rikako Asakura" (because those two things are totally related somehow) is running a Touhou-related panel on Sunday at the con, and he's also got a fair stack of handouts from Gensokyo Radio with him. We know that music is just a small part of what Touhou is, and so we pretty much took advantage of that opportunity by sharing our love of the music from the games.

Furthermore, he and his partner who he's conducting the panel with will be joining us at our next Live show this Friday evening. That's in addition to our already scheduled guest, Spark from Gensokyo Radio's Facebook fan group. This next show is sure to be interesting with three additional people. Hopefully I can manage all of it!

Not too long ago, we got a message from someone who's interested in helping to promote Gensokyo Radio at Tracon in Tampere, Finland. Finland! That'll be the second European country that we've sent stuff to this year, the first country being Germany. It gets even more awesome than that though. The people who contacted me were also interested in getting or making shirts for the station to wear while they promote. That was certainly a cool idea, but it really through me off-guard since we hadn't thought of any designs that would be suitable for putting on a shirt.

They ended up getting one of their friends to create some artwork for us in record-breaking time, and I have to say, it's very cool. Perhaps in the future I'll be able to make some shirts available to everyone. For now though, it seems we may have another interesting dynamic added to promoting at Gensokyo Radio.

As a last and quite important note, I'd like to announce that ownership of Gensokyo Radio has officially been transferred from Auritribe to myself. Auritribe started Gensokyo Radio in March 2011 as a side project to promote the music he loves from the Touhou series of games. There was a time when he was going to shut down the station for good, and that's when I decided to give it a try. More than a year and a half later, we've grown globally and more vibrantly than any of us had ever anticipated. Auritribe will still be operating as an administrative moderator at Gensokyo Radio. All this really means is that I'll have a bit more authority than I did before in determining where the station goes from where it is now.

I hope to see you at the Steam and IRC channels at the next Live show. Thanks for listening!