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November 2012 Statistics & Live #4 Rebroadcast
LunarSpotlight  2012/12/07

I've been doing a lot of work on the next version of GensokyoRadio.net, and so a lot of things like last month's stats report have been sitting on the back burner for a while. Combine that with my workplace being busier due to the holiday season, and you've got a rather busy admin. Luckily, the server hardware, logging, and other things have been working very smoothly for the past while, so I'm happy about that.

November 2012 was, once again, our most fruitful month yet with 1,100 days (more than 3 years) worth of music streamed. There were more than 80,000 connections made to the stream server as well, however this number along with last month's more than 76,000 connections is expected to be a bit of an outlier in general.

The reason is that we had a listener from Finland who listened on a device which would connect and re-connect to the stream constantly while they were listening. The IPs this connection came from were banned for a while, but have since been re-allowed. They've informed me that they have switched devices, and so we expect that the number of connections will be lower but more realistic next month.

The US saw the largest increase in listen time, with over 98 days more than last month. The 8 countries below the US in country rankings all dropped in overall listen time, from a day to 26 days less. The country which made the largest improvement in the rankings was Austria which moved up 47 places since October. The top 10 countries generally remain the same, with Canada dropping one place to 4th, Russia moving up one place to 3rd, Spain moving up two places to 7th, Finland and Australia moving down one place to 8th and 9th respectively, and South Korea moving up five places to 10th.

In other news, I recently finished up creating the new database structure for the new site. It's a lot larger than the current system, and will be able to handle database requests more efficiently as we expect site traffic to grow after release. I should be able to post more about the progress of the new site in the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, we'll be rebroadcasting Gensokyo Radio Live #4 on Saturday, December 8th at 12pm CST, or 6pm UTC, to better serve our listeners East of the Atlantic. We'll be gathering in Gensokyo Radio's public Steam chat room once again for this rebroadcast.

Thanks for listening!