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Statistics for September 2012
LunarSpotlight  2012/10/01

September was another interesting month with more site traffic, more listeners, and more records smashed.
  • We exceeded 1TB of bandwidth used by the stream, the first time that's ever happened.
  • More than 75 million seconds of music was streamed to listeners in September.
  • For the first time, more than 2 years of music was streamed.
  • At more than 47,000 connections, we broke that record as well.
  • The website received more than 400 visits in a single day thanks to a reddit post by a fan.
  • Numerous countries including Sweden, Finland, Israel, and Spain climbed the charts for listener time this month.
  • Belgium saw the largest drop in listener time rank, falling 10 places.
  • In sheer listener time, Canada dropped the most with 42 days less time listened than last month.
  • Norway was the only country below the top 2 to hold its position at 30th place in listener time.

  • In September, the station saw a 96.8% uptime ratio, down 4% from last month. In addition to that, the streaming server had some networking issues which caused the stream to have general connection issues on a few days this month. We've talked to our server provider about this, and they told us they've updated their networking software to the latest version. Hopefully this will solve the issues we've been experiencing with that.

    Last but not least, the next edition of Gensokyo Radio Live will be sometime this month, depending on how THFNN's 7th Touhou 12.3 Tournament goes. Stay tuned for more information.

    Thanks for listening~