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Listener History Now Available
LunarSpotlight  2012/09/07

Hello everyone! Just a quick update on the status of "GSR4" and its ever expanding state.

A while back, I mentioned how the site would be getting a new feature added to it called "Listener History". Well, after enough determination to get stuff done and a night of coding, I've come up with a basic version of it.

This new feature will allow you to track your listening history and currently displays some stats about your history since January 2012 at Gensokyo Radio. It includes the first time we saw you connect, the last time you connected, the number of times you've connected, details of the last 5 times you connected, and that all-important "total time listened" figure, where the most seasoned listeners at Gensokyo Radio may see several days or even a few weeks in their history.

To access this new feature, just click on the new link next to your name in the upper-right (when you're logged in) that says "Listener History". There, you'll be asked if you want to associate your current IP with the system (if it isn't already in the system).

There are two types of associations that you'll be able to make when adding an IP to the system. One is adding a "permanent IP". This type of IP will remain linked to your account so that you can listen on any device which is on the same internet connection. It's useful for places such as home or places where you spend time listening to Gensokyo Radio which are not public, and where no one else listens to it. If you're in a public place, then you can associate your IP via adding a "temporary IP".

Temporary IPs aren't yet available and will require some additional coding on my part, but are useful for when you're in a public place or in a place where there may be others listening to Gensokyo Radio. In these cases, you'll be able to associate the IP temporarily to keep tracking your history anywhere you have access to the website. More information will be available on that later.

Lastly, before you dive in to the new system, be advised that it is brand new and, while the code is solid, there may still be some things that don't function exactly as planned. For instance, if a listener connects more than once from the same location at the same time, that listener is double-logging their listen time. I'll be placing safeguards on these types of scenarios within the next week. For now, I'd just like to see how things work for people, and also hear any suggestions for things to add to this, just add any thoughts or suggestions you might have in the comments section below.

Thanks for listening, and I'll see you in a week at our next GensokyoRadio Live night!