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August Statistics & AFA Indonesia
LunarSpotlight  2012/09/01

August was an interesting month stats-wise. We were coming out of turning off the station from hitting our bandwidth limit in late July. The station was also capped at 25 listeners for a fair amount of time in August before we switched server providers in the middle of August, giving us much more listener capacity.

Even with a less-than-ideal setup for some of the time, we came close to our numbers from last month. Let's take a look.
  • 600 days of music was served to listeners, only 23 days short of the record.
  • We broke the record for listener connections, at more than 36,000 connections logged.
  • About 200 new songs were added to the library.
  • More than 800 ratings were submit by users in August.
  • In country stats. Canada took 2nd place over Japan for a fair amount of time, but Japan has since regained 2nd in the standings.
  • Canada saw the biggest improvement in listen time, with 51 days more than July (2nd most improved was Belgium with 9 days).
  • Belgium was the most improved over other countries, moving up 15 places in country standings. Australia saw the biggest drop, moving down 9 places.

  • What's really cool though, is our uptime stat. Even with switching servers this month, we obtained a very high 99.90% uptime on the station! This is where we should be at all the time, but this is the first time we have it logged as such. It's pretty neat.

    Currently, we expect numbers to continue to climb (unrestricted) this month.

    In other news, AFA (Anime Festival Asia) started today in Indonesia. Those of you who check the Twitter feed saw this announced a little earlier, but one of our listeners volunteered to pass out more of those handouts at this venue. They'll only be there for one day, and there's only 25 available, so if you get your hands on one, you're quite lucky!

    We have photos of handouts from people who attended Anime Expo 2012 in Los Angeles, and Otakuthon 2012 in Montreal. Help us add to this collection by taking a photo of your badge or perhaps the stuff you got while at AFA, along with our handout. It would be really neat!

    Finally, don't forget that we have another GensokyoRadio Live! session happening on September 14th (or the 15th for eastern Europe and onwards). The one we had on Friday was fun, talking with listeners in our Steam chat channel and playing requests. If you're able to make it, please come join us!

    Thanks for listening~