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DJ Test Run This Weekend
LunarSpotlight  2012/08/09

One of the things we'd like to implement in the future at Gensokyo Radio is a set of regularily scheduled shows hosted by a member of Gensokyo Radio staff, and perhaps eventually include DJs from our fanbase and elsewhere. To start, we'll be doing a test run of this DJ system on Saturday, August 11th, 2012 at 10:00pm GMT (5:00pm CDT). We'll be running this test for an hour and a half, until 11:30pm GMT.

While this is going on, we're inviting everyone to join us in our Steam group's online chat room. We may be taking requests during testing which I'm sure is of interest to some of our fans.

If you don't have Steam and want to look into it, here's a link. In the future, we'll have an online chat system for the website so that everyone can participate.