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The Final Countdown
LunarSpotlight  2012/06/22

So, how 'bout that site update?

We're approaching the end of the month pretty quickly, and the new site design is almost completely functional. There's a few more things to do before letting it loose on the world. What we release won't be a complete version of our site vision, but it'll be a solid start. This will happen within the next week.

This Thursday, I'll be traveling to California where I'll be meeting with a couple of the group officers from THFNN (the Touhou Fight Night Network), one of which is traveling from Norway. The occasion is Anime Expo 2012. There, we'll have that artwork we've been talking about over the past couple months, among other things.

When I've told others about this before now, they've somehow assumed that we have a booth set up and that we should definitely tell them where we're located, but that is not the case! We're going there with the main intent to have fun and enjoy being a part of it. There's a chance I'll be updating the Twitter feed while I'm there, as well.

This next week is crunch time for GensokyoRadio. Auritribe is working on a new music selection to add to the mix, and I continue to work on the website. Both will be released probably in the middle of next week.

Happy listening~