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May Statistics & Redesign Preview
LunarSpotlight  2012/06/03

Greetings! We have yet another set of stats for everyone to marvel at, or simply ignore for those people that dislike anything to do with math or numbers.

May has been our biggest month yet. Here are the numbers to show you why...
  • We were just short of hitting 11,000 hours streamed (10,983 hours streamed).
  • More than 25,700 connections were made to the stream.
  • The US had more than 2,500 connections in a week during May, a record.
  • Japan had more than 1,500 connections in a week during May, also a record.
  • More than 600GB of bandwidth was used during May, beating the previous record set in March by 10GB.

  • We also had that new "uptime monitoring" feature installed in May. We did have a stream downtime that lasted about 2 days in the month, so that impacted the uptime result for May a ton.

    The resulting uptime ratio is 88.95%.
    This is mainly the result of a period of downtime that lasted 2 days, 7 hours between May 16th and 19th.

    Now, in other news...

    With May being a record-breaking month, we're rolling out a cleaner redesign this month as the community grows. Listeners will have the ability to track their listening history, rate and comment on songs (in addition to news articles), have live discussions with fellow listeners, choose one of a few different info display options to either show more information or conserve screen space, as well as a few other things we have planned. The site overall will have a cleaner, more streamlined look and an additional background element that we think makes site pages look pretty.

    We hope our listeners look forward to what we have in store this month!