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Gensokyo Radio: Now Featuring 100% Normalization
LunarSpotlight  2012/04/10

Recently, we recieved a request from one of our listeners regarding the relative loudness of the music on the station when compared to other tracks. What often happens is that, when you mix multiple albums of multiple genres together (like we do), some songs are purposefully set to be quieter than other tracks by the creators of individual songs or albums. This seems to be especially true when comparing things like the upbeat nature of techno or electronica songs to the quieter, softer tone of piano arrangements.

What we've done is we've normalized all tracks in our library to be generally the same level of loudness, which basically means that you'll be reaching for your volume dial less often, if at all, when listening to us.

If there are any issues found related to this new feature, or anything else related to GensokyoRadio, please send us a message using our Contact Us link found on the sidebar.

Thanks for listening!