Gensokyo Radio Discord Bot

Thank you to everyone who tried out our bot! We reached over 80 servers within a week of making it available to the public.

Unfortunately, our bot was denied through Discord's verification process, and we have since removed it from service. We will be re-evaluating Discord and Gensokyo Radio's policies to ensure our bot satisfies Discord's requirements, updating educational material to better inform visitors about how our radio station works, and will try again soon.

If you have any questions, you may contact us via our contact page, or message a member of Station Staff on our official Discord server.

Music bots on Discord have become popular for having listen parties with friends, as background music during game sessions, helping listeners study and work, and more.

Invite your Discord server members to experience the vast world of fan-made music from the Touhou Project video game series with Gensokyo Radio's official Discord bot!

The Gensokyo Radio Discord bot functions similarly to our radio station; tune in, see what's playing, rate songs, and invite others to listen, now available on Discord.

Bot is not currently available for invite.


Join the voice channel the user is in

Leave the voice channel the user is in

Shows information about the currently playing song

/register [key]
Associate a Discord user with a Gensokyo Radio account (required for rating songs)
A single-use key can be obtained from

/rate [number (1-5)]
Rate the currently playing song
User must be listening either via the Discord bot or through a traditional endpoint (site, app, etc)

Data Usage

The Gensokyo Radio Discord bot is a public bot which collects necessary information about Discord users that actively use our bot. This includes users who use slash (/) commands to interface with the bot and users who are in the same voice channel the bot is in. The bot does not require any privileged intents to function.

Rating songs via the /rate command is a feature which requires a user to associate their Discord user ID with a Gensokyo Radio account. Registration via the /register command is not necessary to use the bot.

For more information on how Gensokyo Radio handles data, please read our Privacy Policy.