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frequently asked questions

What is Gensokyo Radio?
Gensokyo Radio is an internet radio station which plays fan-made music that is derived from music found in the Touhou Project game series. The station opened in 2011, operates 24 hours a day via an automated playlist, features regularly scheduled live broadcasts, and has an active community via Discord and Facebook.

What is Touhou Project?
Touhou Project is a series of “bullet hell” or ”curtain fire” games created by the one-man studio Team Shanghai Alice in Japan. The series grew in popularity in the early 2000’s due to a number of factors including the series’ difficulty, wide cast of characters, and original in-game music.

Due in part to a light policy on derivative works, the series saw an explosion of fan-created artwork, stories, music, games, and more. Many of these works are made available at the bi-annual Comic Market (Comiket) in Tokyo, Japan where Touhou Project remains one of the top 3 most prominent IPs represented by fans.

There are more than 60,000 individual fan-made songs on thousands of albums created by numerous fans of the series. Gensokyo Radio plays a selection of these works and seeks to promote the games, artists, and the series itself through music.

How do I listen to the music?
There are multiple ways to listen to our radio station. Our website at GensokyoRadio.net provides a built-in player alongside additional information about what's currently playing. You can also find us on SHOUTCast's server directory, TuneIn.com (both provide built-in players).

For mobile devices, you can find the Gensokyo Radio app on Google Play. Our station can also be found on the TuneIn app for Android and iOS as well as various other applications like Anime Music Radio.

An independent developer (separate from GR staff) has also put together a Windows application called Lunatic Player which is functionally similar to the player on our website.

What kind of music do you play?
Gensokyo Radio plays exclusively fan-made arranges based on the music found in the Touhou Project video game series.

What genres are there?
Gensokyo Radio plays many genres. One can find Pop, Rock, Techno, Electronic, Folk, Orchestral, Instrumental, and other types of music on our station.

Not everything that our station plays distinctly falls into a certain genre. Since the music is arranged by fans, interpretations can vary widely from artist to artist. This is part of what makes the selection of music we play unique.

Do you play J-pop?
You may find music similar to J-Pop created by fans along with many other types of music

Do you play anime OPs?
Our radio station does not play music from anime as this is outside of the realm of the Touhou Project.

There have been fan-made anime adaptations and other animations based on Touhou Project, and you may find songs from those animations on our station.

Touhou Project is a video game series, not an anime. This is a common misconception about the series in general.

How do you skip a song?
At this time, our radio station follows a similar model that over the air radio has: what the station plays is what the listener hears. Participating by rating songs gives us a better idea of what our audience is interested in listening to.

What is a circle?
A circle is an individual or a group of people that work together to create something, usually with a creative focus. One can think of a circle like an organization. In the case of music, a circle is somewhat like a band.

A circle has a core set of members, but can also have members which are involved with other circles, such as vocalists appearing in songs for multiple circles.

The term "circle" comes from the group term used for events such as the Comic Market in Japan.

What are the locked channels on Discord?
Most voice channels on our partnered Discord server are open to the public. However, two channels are reserved for special use.

Green Room is used as a staging area before and during Live broadcasts and is reserved for special guests and regular show attendees. Studio is reserved for broadcasters and co-hosts, and special guests are given access manually during shows.

Is the radio station live?
Gensokyo Radio operates 24 hours a day, but most of the time this is controlled by an automated playlist. The only time the station is live is during a live radio broadcast. During shows, the station and its playlist are controlled by a host in real-time.

What are live shows?
Live shows are events organized by station staff where control of the station is given to a broadcast-level staff member. Shows will generally feature new music, high-rated music, current events, special guests, listener requests, and more.

Where can I listen to past live shows?
You can find a list of past broadcasts on our website at GensokyoRadio.net/shows.

When are past live broadcasts uploaded as podcasts?
Broadcasts are generally uploaded 1-2 weeks after the broadcast date. Supporters gain access to shows sooner than the general public.

Does GR have a mobile app?
Gensokyo Radio has a mobile application available on Google Play and in multiple languages.

Does GR have an API?
Gensokyo Radio uses a set of APIs to retrieve and serve information to listeners and site visitors. Currently, we are working to build out our existing API and give developers more options to interface with our platform.

Who runs GR?
Gensokyo Radio is run by a group of people located in the United States, and functions as an ongoing project of LunarSpotlight Media.

How does GR make money?
Our radio station is provided as a free service to tens of thousands of listeners from over 160 countries. We may elect to participate in advertising or affiliate programs in order to support the station and related projects.

Gensokyo Radio functions as a project of LunarSpotlight Media. You can become a supporter at a level of your choosing by visiting our campaign page at Patreon.com/LunarSpotlightMedia.

Where is GR located?
Gensokyo Radio has studios located in St. Paul, MN, USA and Louisville, KY, USA. Our central broadcast servers are located in a datacenter in Ontario, Canada.

Will GR ever get a web forum?
We have one! Find it at forum.gensokyoradio.net.

How can I search what music GR has?
There is a search function on the website which shows music that is (mostly) available to the station, but is not necessarily played on the station.

Is the music player Flash-based?
No. Our web player is based on HTML5 which has largely replaced Flash for such applications.

Where can I find listener rankings?
Listener rankings were once displayed on the statistics page and provided a clearer sense of activity amongst the most active listeners. When listener counts increased, the time needed to calculate rankings became too great and the feature became unavailable.

How can I edit my user profile?
In a previous version, users were able to add a profile image when registering an account. This has carried over to the current version of the website, but there is currently no way to add or change profile information. Changing profile data on the forums is separate and will not carry over to the website or app.